Fumigation Notification Program

Welcome to the Updated Fumigation Notification Program. Regulations require all licensees that perform structural fumigation to provide 24 hour advance notification of the fumigation to FDACS. This site will also be used to report the use of any fumigation vaults or chambers on the licensee’s property. Licensees will also be required to register ALL fumigation clearance devices being used for fumigant clearance activities.

Fumigation Licensees

Licensees who had an account under the old system can log into this system with the same username and password they have been using. If you do not have an account, you will need to request an account using the link below.


We have created a new user role that will allow Fumigant Product vendors and Clearance Device equipment vendors to enter the Fumigation Notification Website. Product vendors will be required to initiate and remove probation and stop sale actions. Equipment vendors will be required to update and upload confirmation of any clearance device calibrations they perform for a licensee. All Vendors will need to apply for a User Account. Please request your account using the link below:

Request a New User Account

Fumigation Notification Website User ManualFumigation User Manual


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